"I've been debugging my own Windows applications and device drivers for over ten years, but when I reviewed the manuscript I learned about new techniques, tools, and debugger commands that I'd never come across, and that I've already found use for."

-- Mark Russinovich, Technical Fellow, Microsoft Corporation

"Who says you canít bottle experience? Between the covers is a wealth of information that clearly demonstrates how to take a logical approach to finding and eliminating bugs. This is an absolute must have book for anyone who develops, tests, or supports software for Microsoft Windows."

-- Bob Wilton, Escalation Engineer, Critical Problem Resolution Team, Microsoft Corporation

"I have been fortunate enough to personally work with the authors on extremely demanding systems projects for more than eight years. This volume contains the kind of stuff we all wish we had known back at the beginning of those projects, the kind of stuff that the debugging guru tells you over a coffee-spilled keyboard on February 29 only because an extra day showed up and he has the afternoon free, the kind of stuff that only comes from actually building and then debugging complex systems projects instead of just reading about somebody else doing it.

Most books leave the advanced cases as 'exercises to the reader' or to 'other, more advanced books', and those never seem to materialize. This book is one of those very rare 'other' books. Get two copies. You will always be lending the other one out."

-- Raymond McCollum, Architect, Microsoft Forefront Security Products

"This book by Microsoft authors Mario and Daniel is an excellent reference for both intermediate and advanced debuggers. In depth examples showing how to debug intricate problems like stack and heap corruptions makes this book standout amongst current available literature on debugging Win32 software on Windows. The book is highly practical and is filled with numerous debugging tricks and strategies."

-- Kinshuman, Development Lead, Windows Core OS Division

ďI am pleased to see this guided tour through a comprehensive set of clever debugging techniques. It does not only tell how to deal with tough diagnosis problems, but it also explains the mechanisms behind the techniques used. The pragmatic approach taken in Advanced Windows Debugging, makes it a good resource to understand several key Windows areas.Ē

-- Adrian Marinescu, Software Architect, Microsoft Corporation

ďAdvanced Windows Debugging fills the need for good documentation about debugging and fixing software defects. The book is based on the authorsí valuable experience of tracking down the cause of various classes of software bugs. It includes representative examples of typical defects, the tools used to investigate these defects and step-by-step instructions for using these tools. Software developers and testers will greatly benefit from becoming familiar with these examples. ď

Daniel Mihai
Software Design Engineer, Developer Productivity Tools, Microsoft

"I wrote the WinDbg symbol handler, Symbol Server, and Source Server. Even so, I canít get my own wife to use WinDbg. She thinks it is hard to use and consequently she hasnít learned of the potential of this toolset. I am buying a copy of this book so she can learn it. The chapters on postmortem debugging and memory corruption are essential reading that provide real insight into the internals of the runtime and OS in the context of a program fault. Mario and Danielís understanding of debugging comes from being asked to resolve completely unexplained bugs in unfamiliar target programs. This is what industrial strength debugging is all about."

Pat Styles - Microsoft





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